Winger Darcy Graham took to international rugby 'like a duckling to water'. Picture: SNS.

Allan Massie: Twickenham comeback may bode well for World Cup

After the Welsh match, Tom English, late of this parish, wrote that if Wales have forgotten how to lose, Scotland have forgotten how to win. This was a harsh judgement, not however without substance – and sadly it might be repeated again this week. After the most unexpected, sublime, spirited, skilful and romantic of comebacks at the Castle of Doom, aka Twickenham, Gregor Townsend’s Scotland had overturned a 31-point deficit and coming into the last minute were, astonishingly, seven points in the lead. It was a second-half performance that any writer of old-fashioned school stories would have hesitated, and blushed, to offer. So when Finn Russell kicked into touch in the England 22 the match was all but won. But England attacked from deep. When their left wing, Jonny May, was tackled out wide, we failed to knock or pull him into touch, and then – calamity, calamity –we gave away a silly, utterly unnecessary, penalty at a ruck in mid-field and… you know the rest.

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