Conrad Wilson

Book review: Conrad Wilson - A Life With Music, by Philip Sawyer

Conrad Wilson, staff music critic of The Scotsman from 1964 to 1991, died last November at the age of 85. One of his greatest attributes was an extraordinarily accurate memory for facts; he was able to retrieve the most obscure information at the drop of a hat, then articulate it with the same passionate lyricism he might expect from a virtuoso opera singer he was reviewing. His writing was stylish, honest and informative.

Josephine Sillars

Under the Radar: Josephine Sillars + The Manic Pixie Dreams

Josephine Sillars is an exciting musician from Inverness, now based in Glasgow. We saw Sillars and her band The Manic Pixie Dreams in Sweden last week at Live At Heart festival. They were selected to appear as part of a showcase via XpoNorth’s partnership with EXCITE (Exchange of International Talent in Europe) and we were impressed by what we saw.

Vision Scotland: Rising to the skills challenge

Vision Scotland: Rising to the skills challenge

Advances in science and technology are happening at a rapid pace; less than a decade ago it would have been hard to imagine a world in which cars can drive themselves, shopping is delivered by a drone and replacement organs can be simply printed by a machine.

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