There was really only one story for onliners felt worthy of comment, well, in any great numbers and that was . . . wait for it, wait for it . . . TRAMS! Ta-dah! They're back and we still, er, don't want them . . .

No surprises here then as we all knew this was going to happen with this project especially after the parliament building fiasco!!! I wonder how many times over budget this line (not system) will be?


Completely and utterly shameful. A disgrace.


Add an extra zero to that number and it's getting close!!


The 545m figure already included contingency, so there's no justification for needing more. If it can't be delivered within budget then, for goodness sakes, stop the whole thing now.


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The tram is an ugly black hole swallowing money that should be spent on front line services. It is a scar that will remain for evermore on our city.

lovely sunny day

Okay, so what's the answer?


cammy burns

Just goes to show that the whole business plan was flawed from the outset, if they consider that a single line running from the city centre out west can actually pay for itself. Why not just fill in the holes, sell the trams to someone else and spend the 50m on making Edinburgh's roads and other public services better.


One more debacle on top of the Scottish Parliament fiasco which shows quite clearly that Scottish political leaders are incapable of getting a handle on expensive construction deals, a dependence on consultants, badly organised workforce, and a construction company that runs rings around those whose job is oversight are a few of the charges. What is worrying is that the same consultants and government officials will be involved in the new Forth Road Bridge, l wonder what odds the bookies will give that this will also be massively over budget, late and badly erected.

colin syme

As a legal way of inflicting very serious harm on the finances, the fabric, and the transport system in Edinburgh, the trams project would be hard to beat.

El Franko

Okay, just one more . . .

Now is the time to cancel this project.Very embarrassing for all those who have supported it from the beginning but they must accept reality and at least make the correct decision this time.


Moving on, because you can only take so much tram rage . . . former Big Brother star, John Whatsisname, is making another bid for a role in front line politics.

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I'm sure electors didn't think it would turn out like this when we voted for this parliament. What an abject disappointment it's been. I now wish they would repeal the Scotland Act and end this national embarrassment.


"FORMER Big Brother star John Loughton" ... WHO? ... a "star" you say? Never heard of the guy.

Thinner Bob 79

Loughton . . . that was it!

There's not enough gingers in Parliament, I'm backing him all the way !

Evil McKeevil