Under the Radar: Savage Cut, featuring Leyla Josephine

Never mind Beyoncé's pairing with Ed Sheeran '“ this year's best musical collaboration comes courtesy of Savage Cut and Leyla Josephine. The West Lothian post-rock trio, who use vocal samples or invite other artists to provide spoken word or singing, approached the Glasgow poet after discovering her on YouTube. The result is Andy From Finance, the story of an alcohol-fuelled night with a Richard Branson-obsessed colleague.

Savage Cut
Savage Cut

One of our favourite tracks of 2017, it complements a repertoire which has seen the band record with a range of vocalists including a children’s choir and the frontman of punk pioneers Cock Sparrer reciting a 1917 speech by Red Clydesider John Maclean. Savage Cut are working on a project with local schools to nurture young bands but are planning to squeeze in recording time of their own in the New Year. We look forward to hearing the results.

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