Under the radar: Franky's Evil Party

Franky's Evil Party announced their arrival on Scotland's music scene in February with the intriguingly titled track, Dolph Lundgren. Underpinned by driving bass, frontman Josh Kirk's menacing vocals make it sound as if he could climb through the speaker and headbutt the listener at any moment.

Frankys Evil Party

The resultant attention was enough to secure the Dumfries four-piece a showcase slot at XpoNorth in June, which also marked the release of the song King, the embodiment of their self-described “industrial twist on sleazy disco”. The band began September with a performance at Electric Fields and are set to finish the month with another festival slot, this time at the Tenement Trail multi-venue extravaganza in Glasgow. Franky’s Evil Party are also planning a series of shows to finish off 2018, setting them up for the release of their debut EP in the new year. Go and check them out if you think you’re hard enough. See frankysevilparty.bandcamp.com for more details.

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