Two Scots beaches included in list of '˜most unspoiled'

Two Scottish entries have been included in a landscape photographer's pick of the most secluded and unspoiled beaches in the UK.

Seilebost beach on the Isle of Harris. Picture: Hemedia/Chris Orange

Chris Orange, 43, went the extra mile to pick out five beaches which provide a getaway from everyday life and rival any others on Earth.

Each had to feel remote, not be busy with lots of other tourists and boast stunning scenery to take a top spot.

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Wester Ross beach in the highlands of Scotland. Picture: Hemedia/Chris Orange

Chris said: “I took on this project because I am passionate about getting people to experience the remote areas of Britain, as they contain some of our most stunning scenery which so many people don’t get to see.

“I love going to the beach in any weather, from winter storms to hot summer days.

“I love places where nature connects different natural environments together - where one place ends and another begins. Such as the land meeting the ocean, or mountain peaks that reach the clouds.”

Wester Ross beach in the highlands of Scotland. Picture: Hemedia/Chris Orange

Chris’ favourite was Seileboast on the Isle of Harris because of its dramatic scenery but Oxwich Bay on the Gower Peninsula and Coves Haven on the island of Lindisfarne came a close second and third.

Also featured in his top five was Sennen Cove in Cornwall and Sands in Wester Ross, Scotland.

Chris, from Haslemere, Surrey, said: “These beaches came to mind very quickly, but there are so many incredible remote beaches across Britain - some of them would be more suited to autumn walks.

“Our beaches are sometimes overlooked but more and more people are choosing Britain as a holiday destination as it has incredible scenery, food and friendly hospitality in these remote locations.

“The great thing about lots of the remote beaches in Britain is that they are often part of a wider story in the landscape, such as at the foot of a mountain range, on an Island, or on the edge of a nature reserve.”

Chris’ top five:

1. Seilebost, Isle of Harris

He said: “On a sunny day, it can feel like being on a tropical island, and you’ll probably have the place to yourself too, but any visitor to the Outer Hebrides knows to expect the weather to be changeable.

“I found this to add to the charm of being there, though, making a walk along the beach a fantastic experience, as I watched the weather systems travel up the coast.”

2: Oxwich Bay, Gower Peninsula

Chris said: “This beach was particularly special at sunrise as the sun rose over the bay and drenched it with a fabulous golden light. It’s really worth getting up early to enjoy the sunrise here, as the beach was completely empty, apart from the birds from the nature reserve who were out fishing for their breakfast.

3: Coves Haven, Lindisfarne, Northumberland

Chris said: “This is a golden sandy beach where you can listen to the seals singing on the rocks when the tide is out. It’s an eerie but amazing experience to listen to them.

“If the weather is on your side, there’s nowhere else like it in Britain.”

4: Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Chris said: “In July, you may be lucky enough to get a sighting of one the basking sharks, as they feed in the crystal clear waters.

“Sunsets here are beautiful, as the sun sets directly on the horizon over the sea, leaving a deep glow in the sky, which makes an evening stroll along the beach a wonderful experience.

5: Sands, Wester Ross, Scotland

Chris said: “From here, you can enjoy incredible, unbroken views of the Isle of Skye across the water. On a clear day, this view will leave you mesmerised.

“It’s not a huge beach, but big enough for a stroll, and I noticed many motorhomes parking up here, stopping for a cup of tea with a truly magnificent view. If you’re planning on a motorhome trip to Scotland, this is well worth a visit.