Theatre review: Translunar Paradise, Pleasance Dome, Bristo Square

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IMAGINE the first ten minutes of Pixar’s film Up turned into a Fringe show and you have Translunar Paradise in a nutshell.

That’s in no way to belittle it as this is a captivating, funny, heart-breaking jewel of a production delivered with panache.

When William’s wife of 60 years dies, he must learn to manage on his own. But that is easier said than done when memories of Rose fly up unbidden, everywhere he turns.

The story is told without words. Instead, we have fluid movement, masks and a hauntingly beautiful vocal and accordion accompaniment from Kim Heron. Funny, heart-warming performances from George Mann and Deborah Pugh involve the audience instantly in the courtship, wartime separation and initially tentative but joyous reunion of William and Rose.

A superb tribute to the inexpressible bounty of love, this is a show that will steal your heart.

Rating: * * * * *

• Until Monday