Theatre review: Mr Incredible

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Adam describes himself as a nice looking, nice smelling bloke.

Star rating: ***

Venue: Underbelly (Venue 61)

He wants to have a baby, cries during sex and likes to have “a think” the morning after. He believes he’s a great person – but then, who doesn’t feel this way about themselves? This bold new play by Camilla Whitehall provides an unblinking view of a man who, deep down inside, doesn’t believe his girlfriend has a right to make her own decisions.

Within the cold glass walls of an office, Adam – played by Alistair Donegan – delivers his confessional monologue, telling of how he met Holly, a writer, before their relationship fell apart and he turned it into something horrible. Not that he sees it like this.

Whitehall’s script bravely attempts to show a real person behind the misogyny and sexual violence in a way other plays at this year’s Fringe don’t. It’s an uncompromising approach – and one that treads a fine line between showing Adam’s behaviour and inviting us to sympathise with it. His voice at times doesn’t quite ring true – this light-hearted joker whose unsatisfied desire for a child fills him with vitriol – but the play’s increasingly uncomfortable perspective is made all the more so by the fact he doesn’t initially seem like the monster he eventually becomes.

Until 28 August. Today 4:40pm.

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