Theatre review: Bullet Catch, Traverse Theatre

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AN usher is handing out earplugs. “Do I need these?” asks a punter. “It’d be in your best interests,” assures the usher. And need them you will, when magician/mentalist Rob Drummond eventually takes a (very loud) bullet to the mouth later on.

Bullet Catch

Traverse Theatre

Star rating: * * *

The 70 minutes leading up to this tumultuous moment, however, involve some cold reading, old-school conjuring, and some history regarding the feat of bullet catching. The idea of watching a stranger shoot Drummond in the face is an exciting, if slightly sinister, notion. However, it’s mere entertainment and you might want to bear this in mind. After all, no production wants its star of the show dead.

Whether you think it’s a big pile of hocus pocus is neither here nor there. If you enjoy the whole smoke and mirrors routine, then you’ll be suitably satisfied.

• Until August 26