Scotsman Edinburgh festival 4 and 5 star reviews

Tom Binns. Picture: Contributed
Tom Binns. Picture: Contributed
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The Scotsman’s team of professional critics sees a huge amount of shows during Edinburgh Festival season.

Want reviews that you can trust? Here you will find an overview of every Scotsman festival review published in 2015, arranged by star rating.

This guide covers comedy, theatre, music and much more, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Art Festival.

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***** (five stars)


The Lipsinkers: Evolution of the Fags


Tom Binns: The Club Sets

Martha McBrier: Pigeon Puncher


Smoke and Mirrors

Sylvie Guillem – Life in Progress



Zehetmair Quartet

The Jazz Rites of Spring

Max Richter

St Lawrence Quartet

Nash Ensemble

The Harmonium Project

The Rake’s Progress

Angela Hewitt



Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour

Hotel Paradiso

The Encounter

The Man Called Monkhouse

**** (four stars)


Kr’d Strip: A Place to Stand

Le Haggis

Puddles Pity Party

Children’s Shows

The Last of the Dragons

Anthony Horowitz: The Falcon’s Malteser


Al Murray: The Pub Landlord’s Summer Saloon


Nick Cody: Beard Game Strong

Spencer Jones Presents: The Herbert in Proper Job

Tom Stade: You’re Welcome

{ Novellie is Anxious Peter|Link to review}

Alex Edelman

Abnormally Funny People

Comedy review: Sarah Callaghan: Elephant

Comedy review: Richard Gadd: Waiting for GadDot

Adam Hills: Clown Heart

Patrick Monahan: The Disco Years

Mark Steel: Who Do I Think I Am?

Ed Aczel: The Random Flapping of a Butterfly’s Wings

Jamie Kilstein: Sober Song Rants and a Cat Story

Paul Sinha: Postcards From the Z List

Mark Forward Presents Mark Forward

Joseph Morpurgo: Soothing Sounds for Baby

John Robertson: Let’s Redecorate

Phil Jerrod: Neanderthal

Natasha Noman: Noman’s Land

Nish Kimar: Long Word... Long Word... Blah Blah Blah... I’m So Clever

Will Durst: Boomeraging from LSD to OMG

Tina C: Herstory

Kyle Kinane: Ghost Pizza Party

Dane Baptiste: Reasonable Doubts

Felicity Ward: What If There Is No Toilet?

Bridget Christie: A Book for Her

Al Porter Is Yours

Johnny Pelham: Before And After


Plan B For Utopia

360 All Stars


Nijinsky’s Last Jump

Between Us & Hunting Dust

Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me)

L’Enfant Qui...


Rudolf Buchbinder: Beethoven 9

Vivaldi’s The Four Seaons: The Mutter Virtuosi

Township Voices

Noseda conducts Mahler

Mitsuko Uchida


En Avant, Marche!

Promise and Promiscuity: A New Musical by Jane Austen and Penny Ashton

In The Mood: The Music of Glen Miller

Orpheus and Eurydice

The AniMotion Show

Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti

Opening Concert: BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Chilly Gonzales & Kaiser Quartet

Classical Guitar – Jonathan Prag

Tallis Scholars

Celtic Dialogues

Quatuor Modigliani

C’MonMeet the Ugly Bug Ragtime Three


Valentina Nafornita / Roger Vignoles

Le Concert Spirituel


Now Listen To Me Very Carefully

The Unknown Soldier

Penny Arcade: Longing Lasts Longer

{ Reason to Talk|Link to review}

Hair Peace

The Fabulous Punch and Judy Show


The Solid Life of Sugar Water


Two Sore Legs

This Will End Badly

The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven

Tar Baby

Vagabonds: My Phil Lynott Odyssey

A Cinema in South Georgia

Spillikin: a love story


I Got Dressed in Front of my Nephew Today

A Gambler’s Guide To Dying

Pardon/In Cuffs

The Last Hotel

Going Viral


The History of the World Through Banalities

Key Change


On Track


Cracked Tiles

The Soaking of Vera Shrimp

Citizen Puppet

The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy Part III: The Deliverance

A Girl Is A Half-Formed Thing



My Friend Peter

The Christians

This Much (or An Act of Violence Towards the Institution of Marriage)

Giant Leap

Jamie Wood - O No!