Review: Trevor Lock’s Amateur Sex Tape Theory, alternative fringe @ The Hive (venue 313)

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I WAS flyered by young Mr Lock and he seemed both charming and persuasive, so I fetched up at The Hive and saw his show. And I am very glad I did.

* * *

Trevor Lock is a delightful presence on stage, mild of manner, smart of dress and a clever and fascinating wordsmith. His style combines a form of word association and a kind of structured stream of consciousness to fluent and entertaining effect. Great ribbons of narrative or observation flow where other comics would have used one phrase. It seems utterly natural and relaxed but there is a huge amount of work in this show. The streams of connected words and phrases are beautifully constructed and fluently performed. It is mesmerising.

The show ostensibly concerns an event on a nudist beach in France. But from there Lock unfurls his verbal streamers until the show is like a word and thought maypole, with just the central pole being the naked Frenchman and his naughty intentions. Lock is also something of a philosopher and his musings on the “other” butterfly effect make much more sense than the original. I am so glad I was flyered.

Until 26 August. Today 6pm.