Review: The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre - Chunky Woollen Nits, Gilded Balloon, Teviot

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I NEVER thought a 
pair of socks could be a highlight, but this is a show that had every single 
audience member, young and old, laughing until they cried.


In fact, by 45 minutes in, I didn’t have the energy to laugh out loud anymore, and had to laugh on the inside instead!

Embarking on a journey through every “genry of filim and TV” the socks had us looking at Hallowe’en, period drama and musicals in a way that we never had before. There was magic, social media, a Michael Jackson tribute, and a grand finale in the form of an excerpt from the greatest movie of all time.

As the hour of almost continuous laughter concluded, audience members were genuinely amazed when only one puppeteer (Kev Sutherland) stood up to toke a bow.

The funniest 60 minutes of entertainment our family has enjoyed together.

Until August 26