Review: Picnic Apocalyptic, Bedlam Theatre

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A TALENTED company, which has brought some impressive shows to the Fringe in the past, Babolin Theatre remain a force to be reckoned with in their originality, high production values and absurd sense of humour.


But Picnic Apocalyptic is a bit of an intellectually overcooked farce, as an ensemble cast dressed as diabolical undermen – all distended bellies, big nappies and dirty, bloody faces – act out in word and song a post-apocalyptic village fête take on the end of days, with vaguely Python-esquely silly abandon.

It winds itself up into such a ludicrously hyperactive abstract fit of postmodern theological wrangling, it frankly just got on my nerves for the final half-hour.

Malcolm Jack

Until 11 August. Today 12:30pm.