Review: Paul Dabek: Nothing Up My Sleeve, Voodoo Rooms

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IT’S magic, but not as we know it. And while the interest in conjuring is enjoying a resurgence, it takes more than just skill at palming cards to create a seasoned performer.


Working with props and tricks that have been seen before in 1000 shows has the potential to be cheesy.

Fortunately, Paul Dabek is an inspired entertainer. He understands that his job is not to impress the audience with his skill, but to entertain and create wonder. That’s exactly what he does.

Yes, most of the tricks have been done before. Lengths of rope and silk scarves are the tools of the trade but Dabek gives them a twist all of his own.

To that he adds machine-gun delivery and genuinely funny lines that create belly laughs around the room.

And just when you think that you’ve seen the best of Dabek, his closing sequence is so 
utterly compelling that you’ll be going back just to experience that last few minutes again.

Until August 25