Review: Holly Burn: The H Club, Just the Tonic at The Caves (venue 88)

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For the 50 minutes of this show we are in the H Club, presided over by Holly herself. This is a crazy little show and not everything that is flung at the wall sticks, but the manic Ms Burn is a charismatic performer and one who certainly puts her all into her performance.

* * *

Part vamp, part clown, part psycho and part hostess with the moistest, Holly hurtles through introducing us to some of her more interesting club members.

Dangerous Dawn is hilarious. A woman who knows no fear even when on prescription medication, Dawn is a delight.

There is a woman with a noodle obsession, the thrilling tale of the founding of the club (with the help of Batman, a long-standing member who happens to be in the club disguised as a member of the audience) and the Rabbit of Regret. I will long remember the sight of Holly wandering through the Glens and of the ritual drinking from the Towering Cup.

Holly Burn is an extraordinary, fresh, strange new talent. Her show looks like it might benefit from a little direction, as does she, but far, far better to have too much invention and energy in a show than not enough. Definitely one to watch.