Review: Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, Zoo, The Pleasance

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HAVING spent a busy day seeing shows and avoiding rain, my children and I were already tired as we queued for Airborne Theatre’s The Snow Queen.


The prospect of an hour-long performance seemed a little daunting, but this performance was so engaging that we quickly forgot how tired, damp and hungry we were.

Vaguely resembling the hippie tribe from the musical Hair, all the performers, bar one, were barefoot. They entered the venue along with the audience, interacting and mingling with each other.

As the story unfolded, the strength of the group became more apparent, each performer taking on a number of roles. But it wasn’t only the cast that was impressive. The props, a mix of everyday items saw a shoe, coat-hanger and shirt become a raven and books and gloves became birds Treat yourself and your family to this accomplished piece of theatre.

Until August 27