Review: Educating Rita, Assembly, George Square

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WILLY Russell’s Educating Rita, immortalised in the 1983 film, is guaranteed to have queues forming right around the block this month.


The story centres on Rita and her university tutor, the jaded Frank, who is fond of a tipple. With a thirst for knowledge, she bursts into Frank’s office like a whirlwind. Her desire to escape the humdrum of everyday life takes both of them on a journey that will challenge their perceptions and views.

As Rita grows in confidence, she begins to immerse herself in a new life Frank regrets for having helped create. Secretly, though, he hopes Rita doesn’t lose her unique, challenging and lovable character.

Claire Sweeney plays the role of Rita to perfection – a constant, playful smile on her face keeping the audience entranced. Matthew Kelly, meanwhile, as the weary tutor, demonstrates the kind of comic timing that can only come from years of experience.

This play is sure to be a hit with audiences. As one cheery punter said: “That was rare.”

Indeed it is.

Until August 27