Review: Clinton - The Musical, Gilded Balloon, Teviot

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OFTEN in life we find ourselves fighting to control our alter-egos. But what happens if you’re representing the United States of America when this uncontrollable side comes out. A sex scandal, that’s what.

* * *

From a half-naked and chained up Nicholas Starr to a cardboard cut-out of Al Gore (they couldn’t afford an actor to play him), Clinton The Musical exposes the funnier side of Former President Clinton’s sexual relations,.

William J Clinton, played by Stephen Arden, highlights his desire to escape any responsibility surrounding his actions, blaming them on his “out of character” split personality – obnoxious, nymphomaniac, Billy Clinton played by John McLarnon.

Through light-hearted humour, the power struggle between Clinton’s two personalities seem to strangely compliment each other. Meddling wife, Hillary gets thrown into the mix adding a more chaotic twist to the musical.This is an entertaining, uncensored account of Clinton’s presidency.

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