Musical review: Newland, theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall (Venue 53), Edinburgh

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A CONFUSED collision of styles in which a straight-edge, tobacco-chewin’ Western thriller – in the apparently intended tradition of The Duke’s finest – finds itself crossed with the camp song-and-dance punch-up finale of Blazing Saddles, this musical is blessed with neither grit nor glitz.


theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (Venue 53)

Star rating: * *

When the sheriff of a small town is shot in the back by the outlaws who have taken over 
his patch, there ensues a long and somewhat convoluted search for justice involving betrayal and an inevitable love triangle.

The live songs are pleasant enough, with a bit of spark, while a great tap-dancing sequence stands out. Otherwise, the narrative meanders.

• Until 25 August. Today 8:15pm.