Festival review: Juliet Meyers: Raised by Fridge Magnets; The Stand Comedy Club ii (venue 58)

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There are the makings of a solidly enjoyable 20-minute set in here. Meyers is personable and seems genuinely keen to connect with her audience.

She’s funny on the curse of being named after one of Shakespeare’s least fortunate heroines, and describing how she invented an imaginary husband to fool the plumber.

She even gets laughs out of a rape joke, with the help of an amusing prop – and no, it’s not a sex toy. There is a very entertaining bit about Gardeners’ Question Time that inspired tears of mirth, and her skill at lip reading gives her another good set piece.

But the hour never entirely adds up, and her material is undermined by uncertain delivery. Her stage presence isn’t comforting, not because she’s confrontational, trying to keep us on the back foot, but because she lacks fluidity, and can get tangled in her language. It feels as if she’s not sure where the act is going, and time drags.

Rating: * *

Until 26 August. Today noon.