Festival review: Gilbert and Sullivan in brief(s); Pleasance Courtyard (venue 33)

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This is a fun show which will reward you more, the more you know of Gilbert and Sullivan.

The cast comes fully equipped with talents vocal and comedic and canter through the canon with brio.

They whip through all 14 operettas in the time it would normally take Frederick to discover that he should have been a pilot, not a pirate.

The high spots are the performing of The Mikado in its abbreviated entirety and the Finale of Finales – in which the cast close the show with an amalgamation of the finales of all 14 of the operettas (to be fair, 13, as nothing remains of the Thespis score).

It is here that the real talents of music arranger Ray Cullom are showcased.

This show is a glorious reminder of quite how much fun there is to be had from Gilbert and how many beautiful melodies and clever harmonies from Sullivan.

It is like a fine wine tasting and you will want to buy a whole bottle. Bravo!

Rating: * * *

Until 27 August. Today 4:30pm.