Comedy reviews: Preston Nyman’s Schtick, Ryan’s Cellar Bar (Venue 6), Edinburgh

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THIS is an extraordinary little show by an extraordinary little comedian. Preston Nyman has a frilly shirt and a bow tie, slicked-back hair and a load of groan-inducing jokes.

Preston Nyman’s Schtick

Ryan’s Cellar Bar 
(venue 6)

Rating: ***

He has impressions (including a rather good one of himself), cartoons, sword-swallowing and a fresh, confident rapport with his audience. “Is that a good thing if you have your head in your hands?” he asks anxiously of a man in the front row. It is.

Nyman hurtles through his show, spraying the audience with tiny tongue-in-cheek asides of the “I’m here all week” variety. And he is, by the way. He has some great one-liners, some nice visual stuff and even some minty-fresh observational gags. He also has the funniest, silliest musical comedy theatre joke I have heard this year.

And all this to an audience that had four of his teachers in it. You see, Preston Nyman is 14 years old. Going on 40. This show ought to be irritating, but it isn’t. It’s great. And how many shows end with a teenager guillotining his English teacher as she cries for her mum…?

• Until 12 August. Today 2:30pm.