Comedy review: Thom Tuck Flips Out, Pleasance Dome (Venue 23), Edinburgh

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PROJECTING rampant dipsomania affords Thom Tuck an unlikely coherence, a very English, theatrical gravitas borne from constantly supping wine, allowing his eyes to roll back into his head and stabbing his finger to make a point.

Thom Tuck Flips Out

Pleasance Dome (Venue 23)

Star rating: * * *

There are elements of Dylan Moran’s agitated eloquence in his marvellously timbred delivery, still more of every opinionated piss artist ever gifted a public platform.

He’s rather too young to be completely convincing. But as one of the Penny Dreadfuls Victorian sketch troupe he’s had ample preparation for masquerading as an authoritative and slightly creepy blowhard.

Moreover, the anecdotes he imparts either directly revolve around inebriation or take the form of bar-room laments. His conviviality rests almost exclusively on your willingness to take a drop with him as he mostly dips in and out of a tale of Glastonbury excess.

From this, he reels off on a number of tangents, the majority entertaining yarns or blurted prejudices.

Fine routines about introducing fruit into the bedroom and only dating youngest children are equalled by ineffectual rants about the proliferation of iPads and the persecution of smokers.

• Until 27 August. Today 8:10pm.