Comedy review: Seymour Mace: Squeg! The Stand Comedy Club II (Venue 5), Edinburgh

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AFTER last year’s well received Fringe hour temporarily staved off his depression, at least until September, you can’t damn Seymour Mace for coming back this year with no show to speak of.

Seymour Mace: Squeg!

The Stand Comedy Club II (Venue 5)

Star rating: * * *

Lazy perhaps, but he’s decided to wing it and improvise – forsaking the straitjacketing proficiency expected of a professional comic for the joy of being the spontaneous card he once was in the pub with his mates.

After a brief introduction outlining his robot paranoia, he collects audience questions and suggestions for him to riff on. Opening them up at random, he then wrings as many laughs as he can from the subject before moving on to the next. And he is, for the most part, superb at it, equal parts given to flights of fantasy and down-to-earth, dismissive cynicism.

Certainly, with his Geordie accent, he doesn’t suffer too badly from comparisons to a celebrated improviser like Ross Noble. And although he runs out of steam in the final quarter of an hour, he offers up a couple of amusingly surreal cartoons every now and then just to mix it up.

• Until 26 August. Today 7pm.