Comedy review: Rubberbandits, Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14), Edinburgh

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IF these guys are not on the Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer list I will stand on the Castle Esplanade singing: “F*** your Mitsubishi, I’ve a horse outside.”


Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)

Star rating: * * * *

And if you’ve no idea what I’m on about then please, get yourself to the Gilded Balloon and enjoy Ireland’s greatest gift to the internet.

In their minds these guys, backed by the variously chemically altered DJ, Willie O’DJ, are hardcore gangsta rappers who have been accidentally listed under comedy and are making the best of it. They do, however, promise three jokes. Which is more than some shows I have seen. Their Irish gangsta stylings are backed by some of the cleverest and funniest videos ever committed to digital code. I think their paen to innocence about a smiley six-year-old they meet and have fun with in a park (don’t panic, it’s all good) might just be a small piece of subversive genius. And the tiny star of the video is probably the most charismatic performer in Edinburgh this month. Roisin, I Wanna Fight Your Father, Liar, Liar Danny Dyer and a jolly singalong about the IRA are belted out with the kind of attitude that would melt Ice Cube. Talking of melting, the lads wear masks cunningly crafted from supermarket carrier bags, and you might want to avert your eyes when they let the sweat drain out. But who cares when we are getting high on Irish History, jokes about the Higgs Boson and Bags of Glue (don’t worry, it’s a SONG). Irish multiculturalism gets an anthem in the awesome We Need A Black Man and there’s even performance art about a retarded bird of prey. Sort of. This is a big phat funny hour from a trio carved from the funnybone of Ireland. Try these guys for size and you realise that Notorious B.I.G really needs to get himself some funny if he wants to stay in the game.

• Until 27 August. Saturday 10:30pm.