Comedy review: Mitch Benn: Reduced Circumstances, Stand Comedy Club III & IV (Venue 12), Edinburgh

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MITCH Benn is out of his comfort zone, and a properly talented comic (which he is) taking risks (which he is) is always a great thing to see.

Mitch Benn: Reduced Circumstances

Stand Comedy Club III and IV (venue 12)

Rating: ***

He has lost his band and half his body weight. Both, I hasten to add, intentionally. Now he is back as a stand-up, and this time it is personal, properly personal.

He is yet to get wholly comfortable with this, Benn’s style has never really been about engaging with the audience, more hurling funnies at them, but the story of the thinking behind his weight loss, the “junky shit” he confesses to have done, foodwise, the repercussions that weight loss has had for him, and his worries about those around him he might have disappointed, make it well worth negotiating the disaster zone of York Place for.

Don’t panic, there are still songs, some old some new, all good, a couple great. And, in place of the band, Benn has the Everyday Looper App on his phone, with the aid of which he, creates his own backing tracks to some of the songs. Once he has the confidence of his own story, less of him could really turn out to be more than he ever was.

• Until 26 August