Comedy review: Mary Bourke: Hail Mary!, The Stand Comedy Club III & IV (Venue 12), Edinburgh

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PROUDLY claiming no overarching narrative or theme, except perhaps profound dissatisfaction with the comedy industry, Mary Bourke delivers an hour packed with fine routines and studded with some beautifully written gags.

Mary Bourke: Hail Mary!

The Stand Comedy Club III & IV (Venue 12)

Star rating: * * *

The Fringe sceptic stand-up is fast becoming a feature of The Stand’s shows. And the Irish comic balances flashes of warm charm with withering colic, fostering a chippy, communal mood in the crowd. She makes a distinction between Us (inviting the audience to yay or nay some predominantly strong jokes for Twitter posting) and Them (personified by the bourgeois bloggers of Mumsnet she so despises). Bourke was fired from a waitressing job after a particularly harsh review from critic AA Gill, and her set is coloured with disdain: for the male comics who cloak their misogyny in barely existent irony; for the clueless BBC Scotland taste arbiter who’s keeping her off air, and, most memorably, for the witless American comic she witnessed die so spectacularly in Dublin – the schadenfreude here is delicious.

She indulges her cynicism slightly too much for this to be entirely enjoyable, and the hour feels like her best club material cobbled together. Yet, like many accomplished circuit comics, she undoubtedly deserves a higher profile than that of her less talented, more feted contemporaries.

• Until 26 August. Tomorrow 4:40pm.