Comedy review: Künt and The Gang - Free, Laughing Horse @ City Cafe (Venue 85), Edinburgh

K�nt has found an enthusiastic like-minded following. Picture: Ian Georgeson
K�nt has found an enthusiastic like-minded following. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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IT’S a hot, sweaty night in the basement under the City Cafe, and Künt is burning up under his silver shiny rocket suit and his nylon wig.

Künt and The Gang - Free

Laughing Horse @ City Cafe (Venue 85)

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Not only that, he has a ridiculously raucous audience – including a man with pink curly hair who keeps trying to chat to him, two girls who are sitting on the stage rooting through his props bag and a man who falls over and hurts his leg. It is not, as he observes from the stage, anything like your usual Tuesday night.

And this is not anything like a normal comedy gig.

Künt is a true festival original – a normal Essex bloke who leaves his life behind him once a year and comes up to the Fringe to perform filthy songs with cheesy Casio accompaniment played through his iPod.

There are songs about poo, about euthanasia, about swearing and lots and lots and lots of songs about masturbation. It is utterly, utterly filthy and completely and utterly stupid. But Künt, a gangly chap with a gold tooth, makes the whole thing incredibly joyous.

He sings and dances along with a huge smile on his face and an innocent twinkle in his big, blue eyes.

It is easy to see why his audience loves him and goes back to see him again and again.

There is something irresistible about the contrast between his happy cheery Cockney demeanour and the puerile nonsense coming out of his mouth.

He is a proper clown, an old-fashioned fool – and liberating to watch – which may be why his crowd is so prone to misbehaviour.

Before leaving the stage Künt delivers a stern warning to his naughty audience. “There’s a reviewer here tonight and if you read in The Scotsman that Künt lost control of his audience I want you all to think long and hard about the part you played in that.”

But actually he didn’t lose control. Some people didn’t like it, some walked out. But those who loved it laughed their heads off and I was one of them.

Until 26 August. Today 10.30pm.