Comedy review: American Girlfriend: Laura Levites, Alternative Fringe @ The Hive (Venue 313), Edinburgh

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A STRAIGHT-TALKING New Yorker with an upfront attitude and more than a few neuroses, Laura Levites is a truly distinct new voice on the UK comedy scene.

American Girlfriend: Laura Levites

Alternative Fringe @ The Hive (Venue 313)

Star rating: * * *

Beginning by confronting the most prevalent xenophobia on the circuit, anti-Americanism, with bracing moxie, the Jewish comic shares with wide-eyed wonder her recent acquaintance with uncircumcised penises, a personal revelation.

Her delight in the British way of life, our misery and one gentleman in particular leads her to question for the first time what it is to be American. She literally owes her life to the States, a land that embraced her immigrant grandparents, and yet it won’t let the man she loves, a possessive type with a criminal conviction, pass through Homeland Security.

She damningly indicts the hypocritical architect of her misery, George W Bush, no stranger to the long arm of the law himself, but then sets about trying to resolve this seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

Throughout her tale, Levites’s idealism crashes hard against unfeeling reality. But she retains a clear-sightedness in her comedy denied to her in her personal life, recounting her narrative with keen wit, acute observational humour and lacerating self-deprecation. Definitely one to keep tabs on.

Until 26 August. Today 2:45pm.