Comedy review: Aidan Killian, Free to Obey - Free, Alternative Fringe @ The Hive (Venue 313), Edinburgh

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Aidan Killian is a likeable, perky presence on stage and takes us through both his seduction techniques and the toughness of a break-up, offering some excellent and very funny sexual advice, before he gets stuck into the main body (as it were) of the show, which is a howl of comedy anguish against the bankers, debt (personal and national) and the political status quo.

Aidan Killian: Free to Obey – Free

Alternative Fringe @ The Hive (venue 313)

Star rating: * *

We get Jesus, an irritating former girlfriend and Frank from the Bank of Ireland, and loads of funny autobiographical stuff along the way. Not great but, to quote Killian: “Ah, sure it’s grand.”

• Until 27 August. Today 6:45pm.