Comedy review: Activism is Fun, Globe (Venue 161), Edinburgh

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I WENT to see Chris Coltrane because he came very highly recommended by Mark Thomas. Frankly, who needs a review from me when you have that?

Activism is Fun

Globe (venue 161)

Star rating: * * *

And if you are a fan of Thomas, you should get your leftie laughing gear down to Niddry Street where it will have a great time. And it’s part of PBH’s Free Fringe, so it’s even better value.

Coltrane is a persuasive performer who, after putting paid to the rumour started by the Bishop of Carlisle that gay marriage has caused this meteorological depression we’re in, gets stuck into defending one of society’s least understood groups: bisexuals. Even Josie Long, we find, is prejudiced where Betty Bothways is concerned.

After which, Chris takes us protesting: against the £70 billion that is lost through tax avoidance each year, against the £6bn Vodafone didn’t pay in tax that might have sorted out most of the £7bn NHS cuts. From turning Topshop into a school sports day and NatWest into a kid’s library, to politicising Lynda Bellingham, Coltrane’s call to linking arms is good stuff. You go out laughing and – especially if you are on Vodafone – determined to try to change things for the better.

• Until 25 August. Today 2:15pm.