Cabaret review: Ian D Montford: Unbelievable, Pleasance Courtyard

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The question – is it real, or is it a spoof? The answer: yes.

Ian D Montford: Unbelievable

Pleasance Courtyard

Star rating: * * * *

Although he introduces himself as a spirit medium, Montford is obviously a top-class comedian. Yet not at one point did he break character. His “messages”, delivered in the style of the popular stage 
mediums, were side-splittingly funny. So far, so good.

But just as you are settling down to enjoy the parody of his spiritualist persona, he suddenly starts telling individuals things about themselves that he genuinely could not possibly know. It’s obvious from their reactions that they are shocked and dazed by his knowledge about their partners, pets and the tiny details of their lives.

It is a combination that works, and works remarkably well.

One audience member squealed that she was “freaked out” by it all. Montford told her that that was the reason she was there. “Did you not read the flyer?”

• Until August 27