Comedy review: An Evening With Noel Fielding, Dunfermline

AFTER the Mighty Boosh’s disappointing tour six years ago, and the decidedly mixed bag of surrealism that is Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy on Channel 4, this is a puckishly engaging return to live performance from the forever childlike comic. Bemoaning turning 41, Fielding’s gripes aren’t those of most middle-aged stand-ups. Rather, he shares his hurt at being cuckolded by a triangle and generally marvels that so far into his career, he’s still allowed to indulge his technicolor imagination.

Noel Fieldings new show sees him back on form. Picture: Getty
Noel Fieldings new show sees him back on form. Picture: Getty

An Evening With Noel Fielding - Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline

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A bizarre, spaghetti western monologue in which he declares himself a “chicken man”, cockily strutting around the stage, is a typical Fielding triumph of performance and visual imagery over logic, or even recognisable gags. He acknowledges as much by having Zorro-era Antonio Banderas (Tom Meeten) suggest it’s more of a “concept than a joke”, and in turn, introduces his brother, Michael Fielding, as Hawkeye, a mini-skirted compound of bird and tennis line judge technology, who nevertheless finds favour with his sibling.

As the show develops, it moves increasingly away from stand-up into something altogether more ill-defined and theatrical. Favourite characters like Fantasy Man and simpleton The Moon reward fans’ love of them with big, bold, daft appearances in a knockabout storyline wherein Fielding is kidnapped and brash New York Sergeant Raymond Boombox wades through the audience trying to find the culprit.

This entertaining, infectiously fun show goes a long way towards re-establishing Fielding as a dynamic and vital act.



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Seen on 22.10.14