Comedy: Andy Zaltzman’s not a man to give up that easily

Andy Zaltzman brings his hit one-man show Armchair Revolutionary to The Stand on Sunday night.

The clown-haired comedian got rave reviews when he performed the show over the summer - which is a far cry from his first visit to the Fringe.

“I came to the Fringe in 1997 principally to watch shows but also to try to do my first proper open mic spot,” he says. “I managed to get the first of these at the old Fringe Club.

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“In my inexperienced wisdom, I opened with a routine about how you should never give anyone a Scotsman for Christmas”, he continues. “Five initially silent but increasingly hostile minutes later, I had mentally retired from comedy. I didn’t do another gig for almost two years.”

He earned his comedy stripes after three tours on the punishing national student union network, noting that some places proved less receptive than others.

“Huddersfield, in particular,” he recalls. “It was almost a war by the time I left the stage - we just didn’t click.”

Persistence paid off, however, and Zaltzman is now considered one of the most intelligent comedians in the country.

Andy Zaltzman, Armchair Revolutionary, The Stand, York Place, 8.30pm, £10, 0131-558 7272