Irish republican fighters In Dublin in 1916. Picture: REX/Shutterstock

Theatre review: Rebellion

IT SEEMS more than timely that Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s 2016 play Rebellion should reappear in Glasgow in the week that marks the 20th anniversary of Northern Ireland’s Good Friday Agreement. Written to mark the centenary of Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising, Rebellion is not about the peace process; but offers a reminder of the processes of war behind that conflict and how easily they could be reignited.

Alice Mary Cooper and Ben Winger make a charismatic pair as Sam and Melody, though she's a bit of a bully

Theatre reviews: Melody & Sam | Prince Charming | The Whirlybird

IF IT’S Easter, it must be time for the annual avalanche of Spring children’s shows; and in the Quaker Studio at the Pleasance, two childlike but ageless characters called Melody and Sam are in training. They seem to be chums or flatmates; but whatever its origin, their bantering, bruising relationship is focused on the idea of becoming record breakers, and getting their names in the big book of records.

A scene from 'Playful Tiger''PIC: Jassy Earl

Homegrown shows to take centre stage at 30th Edinburgh International Children’s Festival

It was back in 1990 that Edinburgh’s annual festival of children’s theatre first appeared in Inverleith Park, in a series of tents and marquees that stood up bravely to some blustery spring weather; which means that when the festival opens for business on 25 May this year, with a Family Day of fun at the National Museum of Scotland, it will be celebrating its 30th edition, and the fact that many of the children it entertained in its first tentative years are now parents themselves.

We Are All Just Little Creatures in rehearsal. PIC: Pete Dibdin

Theatre review: We Are All Just Little Creatures, Traverse, Edinburgh

THROUGH 35 years of ground-breaking theatre work with adults with learning disabilities, Lung Ha of Edinburgh has become a world-leading theatre company in its field. Over that time, though, I’ve rarely seen the company find such a perfect fit between artists and material as they achieve in this lushly beautiful 70 minutes of dream-like physical theatre, co-produced with the dance company Curious Seed, and co-directed by Christine Devaney with Lung Ha’s Maria Oller, and Jo Timmins of the Lyra Theatre, Craigmillar.

Lubna Kerr

Glasgow Comedy Festival reviews: Lubna Kerr | America Stands Up

As a Scottish-Pakistani Muslim raised in Glasgow, but a long time resident in Edinburgh, Lubna Kerr has enough trouble explaining her identity to intrusive strangers. However, she further complicates the picture by opening her show as her Aunty Jee, before occasionally referencing the character as she performs the bulk of her 45 minute set as herself.

Cadaver Police in Quest of Aquatraz Exit by Alan McKendrick PIC: John Devlin

Theatre review: Dear Europe, SWG3, Glasgow

ON FRIDAY night – in the hours leading up to 11pm – an audience of several hundred gathered at the SWG3 warehouse nightclub in Glasgow to take part in the National Theatre of Scotland’s Dear Europe, an evening designed to mark the moment when Britain was to have left the European Union.

Vee is original and offers a rare and brutally candid appraisal of the battle of the sexes

Comedy review: Sindhu Vee: Sandhog, Berk’s Nest @ The Old Hairdressers, Glsagow

SINDHU Vee came relatively late and recently to stand-up, yet this exceptional debut from the mother-of-three, who’s been married for 20 years, has actually been decades in development, an unvarnished, warts-and-all portrait of a marriage and family life. Despite the familiar subject matter, she nevertheless offers a rare and brutally candid appraisal of the battle of the sexes and the complex organism that is a long-term relationship.

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