The Paris effect pampers pooches

CLOTHINGFROM cotton hooded tops, to sparkly sequenced vests, virtually no stone has been left unturned when it comes to making clothes for dogs.

From as little as 4, owners can kit out their four-legged friends, yet can easily spend well in excess of 25 on human-style clothing.

Jo Lee, owner of Glamour Pooch, on Grove Street, said: "We sell everything from T-shirts to Puffa jackets. They sell well, particularly at Christmas as presents."

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Many stockists across the city have taken advantage of the growing trend for dog clothes, branching out into designer styles.

This includes The Scruffy Dug Co, on Barclay Terrace, which sells Sesame Street T-shirts for 7.50, as well as Scottish-themed thistle dog tops for 8. A top-selling item is the dog bandana, available at Present, on St Mary's Street, for 10. Shipped from the US, the brightly coloured, double-sided "Snoozle" is available in all sizes, worn around a dog's neck, like a scarf.

TOTAL: 42.50 (jacket, T-shirt and bandana)


THERE was a time when only women were found treating themselves to a luxury cut and blow dry or manicure in salons, but hot on their heels are their beloved four-legged friends, increasingly being booked in for relaxing treatments.

This can include a full groom (brushing, combing, clipping, trimming, bathing and drying) for around 40 at The Dog House, in Penicuik, as well as additional specialist treatments, such as having having nails painted or teeth cleaned. Joan Curruthers, owner of The Dog House, said: "I've also dyed dogs before, particularly for weddings. I also use special dog colognes, which have varying scents, as well as those that smell like designer brands."

At Glamour Pooch, one dog is treated to having its nails painted red on a regular basis.

But owners across the city also choose to buy their own products – such as dog hairsprays – to pamper poochs at home. Just Dogs, on Deanhaugh Street, stocks a range of products made by the Bed Head beauty company. Pet Head detangling and magical deodorising sprays cost 9.99.

TOTAL: 59.98 (full groom and additional treatments)


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EVERYONE knows that dogs love treats as much as humans and when it comes to biscuits there is no exception.

One Edinburgh company has taken advantage of the canine sweet tooth, by opening up a boutique specialising in handmade treats, free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

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Just how much a dog owner wishes to spend on the mouth-watering items for their pets is up to them, but for starters they can buy a 2 pack of seven crunchy peanut butter bones at The Scruffy Dug Co.

Other items include 100g bags of Flap Jack Russells (2); large peanut butter bones (3.75); bourbone biscuits (2); and spotty biscotti (2).

Owner Jemma Wallace said: "Customers tend to come in and buy a few bones for their dog to try them.

"They will then come in and buy a larger bag.

"They just like treating their dogs – simple as that."

TOTAL: 9.75 (a selection of dog biscuits)


SPARKLY leads, brightly-coloured collars and bowls good enough to eat your own dinner out of – there is no end to the amount of dog accessories available to canine fans across the Lothians.

From as little as 2.99 to as much as 25.99, a variety of leads and collars can be bought from Just Dogs, making sure that whatever their style, owners can ensure their dog is up to date with the latest fashions.

Present offers harnesses for dogs which are proving popular with owners, including a handmade leather item for 48 and a soft-mesh harness for 16, recommended by the shop owner's vet.

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Kiaz Trepte said: "I'm mad for dogs and so are a lot of our customers.

"We get regulars who come here while they are on holiday every year, as well as celebrities who may be up here working.

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"Our newest accessories come from Japan – nappies and kimonos."

When it comes to serving dogs their food, shoppers in Edinburgh can exclusively buy items from the Petware pottery company – shipped from the US and available nowhere else in the UK.

Items begin at 12 for a bowl, and top 21 for a pet treat jar, all available from The Scruffy Dug Co.

TOTAL: 62.98 (collar, lead and bowl)


THERE is nothing quite like the satisfaction of watching your dog curl up for a sleep after a hard day.

For those owners who wish to splash out on comforts for their pets, there seems to be an endless supply of items across the Lothians to choose from.

Ikea has a wide range of bedding, including a dog tent for 8.99; a furry cushion for 9.99; a luxury dog cushion for 16.99; and blankets for 4.59.

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And for those owners who wish to treat their pet to the ultimate luxury – a dog chaise longue – they can buy one at the store for 45.

For the truly pampered pooch, a pink, roofed dog house can be bought for 14.99 at Just Dogs.

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But bringing your pet dog comfort does not have to start or end with what you choose to let it sleep on, or in.

For one Edinburgh shop stocks a wide range of animal-related cards, from 50p, allowing owners to send greetings to their furry friends on their birthday.

Kiaz Trepte, owner of Present said: "The cards do well. We have ones to pets and we have ones from pets.

"There are also bereavement cards for people who have lost pets – they are, after all, part of the family."

TOTAL: 50.09 (dog chaise longue, blanket and birthday card)


PARIS Hilton is just one Hollywood celebrity to have a truly pampered pooch.

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The TV personality and model is regularly seen carrying her female Chihuahua Tinkerbell either under her arm or in her handbag.

In many ways, Tinkerbell was one of the first "accessory dogs" to hit Hollywood, taken by Hilton on photoshoots and to television interviews.

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Tinkerbell is no stranger to fashion as she is regularly treated to new garments – including woollen jumpers – by Hilton, who has also designed her own clothing line for dogs, Little Lily by Paris Hilton.

As well as Tinkerbell, she has around 16 other dogs, creating items that include dresses and jeans for them to wear.

But Hilton is not the only celebrity dog owner to make a fuss of their dogs in public.

Singer Britney Spears and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell are also owners of tiny, pampered pooches whom they love to pose with.

And although she does not dress her dogs in hooded tops, have their nails painted or buy them hairspray, there can be no doubt the world's most famous pampered pooches – corgis – are owned by Her Majesty The Queen.

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