Spat with Scots Twitter user sees Giles Coren barred

Giles Coren has revealed how a Twitter spat with a Scottish man who did not like one of his TV programmes has had him banned from the social media site.

Coren claimed he was barred from Twitter for twelve hours.

Food journalist and TV personality Coren, who presents programmes including the BBC's Back in Time for Dinner, said that his Twitter account had been closed down for twelve hours after he responded to a Tweet from a man he said was a Scot.

He added that he had been warned if he did anything similar again, he would be banned from the site for good.

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He wrote on Twitter: "A man who didn’t like the way I presented a tv show this week tweeted me very rudely to say so and I told him to f*** off and so Twitter CLOSED DOWN MY ACCOUNT for twelve hours. If it happens again I will apparently be SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD. I just wanted get my “goodbye” in now."

"I mean, I called him a bald Scottish c*** and fantasised about a quite gory way he might want to die. But HE STARTED IT. I am basically the Ben Stokes of Twitter. Except s**t at cricket. And no tats."

Twitter users commiserated with Coren.

Andy Hyatt said: "So it's OK for realDonaldTrump to almost start a nuclear war via Twitter, but it isn't OK to stand up for yourself??"

Coren has sparked controversy through his tweets before, including a rant about a 12-year-old neighbour with a drum kit, which Vivienne Pattison, director of watchdog Mediawatch UK, condemned as "very bad taste".