Scottish artwork returned to spot it was painted

A LANDSCAPE work by Scottish artist Joseph Farquharson has been returned to the very spot where it was painted.

Great-grand-niece of the Scottish artist Joseph Farquharson, Izzy Farquharson with an original painting by Farquharson. Picture: PA

The artwork headed back to the Finzean Estate in Aberdeenshire where Farquharson, best known for his winter landscapes, combined a career as a painter with his role as laird.

Valued at between £80,000 and £120,000, the painting will be sold by Lyon & Turnbull in Edinburgh in June.

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Nick Curnow, vice chairman and paintings specialist at Lyon & Turnbull, said “This is a very special moment, we wanted to reunite the painting with the exact spot that it was painted to see what has changed in 100 years.

“The painting is a snap shot of a winter’s day in 1911 and as you can see little has altered to this day.

“This painting is another beautiful example of the artists work.”

Farquharson’s father, the 10th laird of Finzean, was a doctor with an Edinburgh practice and a competent amateur artist who encouraged his son.

Much of the artist’s childhood was spent at Finzean and he went on to train at the Royal Scottish Academy Life School and Trustees’ Academy in Edinburgh.