Scot to play bagpipes for 24 hours in record bid

A SCOTSMAN is attempting to set a Guinness World Record by playing the bagpipes for 24 hours.

Rikki Evans is attempting to set a new record. Picture: Hemedia
Rikki Evans is attempting to set a new record. Picture: Hemedia
Rikki Evans is attempting to set a new record. Picture: Hemedia

Rikki Evans, 29, hopes he will be able to catch his breath after playing a whopping 1,200 tunes during the challenge.

He has planned to repeat a medley of 208 songs six times and raise money for a number of charities in the process.

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Under Guinness rules, Rikki will accumulate a five minute break for every hour of completed piping, but he intends taking a 10 minute break every two hours.

The police controller, from Aberdeen, said caffeine pills, the momentum and support from family and friends would keep him going

Speaking at the National Piping Centre in Glasgow, he said: “Well, I’m trying to set a record by playing for 24 hours. Nobody has ever been able to do it.

“It’s going to be challenging.

“I approached Guinness and they said it has to be 24 hours or they will not accept it in the record books.

“I’m playing a medley of 208 tunes which I will repeat every four hours. Theoretically, I should repeat it six times and play 1,200.

“I’ve got the old Pro Plus tablets but will also have the momentum of keeping going. Knowing what’s at the end of it will keep me going.

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“I’ve got family and friends supporting me. They are all here and most of them will be here for most of the 24 hours.

“It’s untested water, but I’ll just have to keep on playing. I will have to push myself longer than I normally would.”

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Rikki said he wanted to complete the challenge at the Piping Live! Glasgow International Piping Festival in memory of famed piper Gordon Duncan.

The festival is the world’s biggest week of piping and traditional music and will run through to Sunday.

It will see 50,000 music fans and 8,000 performers flock to Glasgow from more than 26 different countries to enjoy over 200 events.

Rikki will also raise cash for charities including CLAN Cancer Support, Cash For Kids, The Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust, Portlethen and District Pipe Band and The National Piping Centre.