Reddit users sum up life for Edinburgh residents during the Festival

It is one of the most difficult times for locals in Edinburgh, and while the Festival is popular with some, it can present a host of issues.

Reddit users have spoken out about what irks them during the Festivals.
Reddit users have spoken out about what irks them during the Festivals.

Locals have been quick to voice their own opinion about the Festival, taking to social platform Reddit to voice their thoughts on how difficult it can be living in the Capital during major events.

Some of the major issues included the congestion, roadworks somehow coinciding with events, tourists touching Greyfriars Bobby and the noise and sounds of Festival Life.

One user wrote: “It takes 20 minutes just to pass the Waverley mall/balmoral section of Princes street”

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Another bemoaned the same issue writing: “The junction of South Bridge and the Mile is at a complete pedestrian standstill.”

The noise around the Festival and the number of tourists was also a hot topic on the page with residents complaining about the noise tourists renting properties in their block often made.


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Another gripe was the signage and number of people backed into small areas with one user commenting “I thought I was safe because I walk along Heriot Row, far away from the crowds. Nope. Even there, tourists and flyers...”

Another irked: “You think about instituting a temporary ban on university drama societies within 5 miles of the city.

Stopping on the 41 bus opposite the Holiday Inn at Craigleith can take half an hour.”

You can read the full feed here