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Q Further to the query from James Nisbet of Clermiston who asked: My grandfather died in the Southern General Hospital in Edinburgh in 1942. My query is: Where was this hospital situated and what became of it?

A We've had three replies from Rambo the Jambo via our website. Firstly: To my knowledge there has never been a Southern General Hospital in Edinburgh. We have, or have had, a Northern, a Western and an Eastern General, but never a Southern. Perhaps you are thinking about the one in Glasgow?

Secondly: Just a thought. Liberton Hospital, on Lasswade Road, is in the southern part of Edinburgh. In earlier years it was run by the Edinburgh Southern Hospitals Board of Management. Perhaps you are mixing up the names?

And thirdly: Found this little gem:

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The National Health Service (Scotland) Act, 1947, set up Regional Hospital Boards and, within them, Boards of Management responsible for the administration of groups of hospitals.

This system operated until the reorganisation of the National Health Service in 1974.

The Edinburgh Southern Hospital Group consisted of the undernoted hospitals:

Bruntsfield Hospital, Deaconess Hospital, Elsie Inglis Hospital, Liberton Hospital and Longmore Hospital

A And CW Florist replies: I am sure it was in Ferry Road . . . almost opposite East Fettes Avenue

Q Kristin, living in Missouri, US, is looking for a man from Edinburgh named Kevin who she met at Oliver St. John Gogarty's Pub in Dublin on October 27, 2009. He is 42 years old, an accountant, wears glasses and is tall. Due to circumstances beyond control, contact information was never exchanged.

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