In quotes: Vanessa Feltz

On her yo-yo-ing weight: "I don't smoke, I hardly drink, I'm a nice girl, I'm a good mum, I'm not off having wild sex with strangers, so part of me feels entitled to some trifle!"

On her looks: "You can be old and irresistible. I, for one, jolly well intend to be."

On her public persona: "I'm Jewish, my father was in the underwear business, I presented a loud, mouthy show in which I was seen to be a very comfortable size 20, so maybe I seemed fat, loud, vulgar. Maybe I am all of the above."

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On her career: "I always used to say that, were Chaucer alive today, he would either be a talk show host, or a talk show guest, and I genuinely believe it."

On having a gastric band fitted: "I'm not advertising, evangelising or prophesying about it, but I needed help and gastric bands exist to help people like me."

Feltz's fianc, Ben Ofoedu, on the couple's as yet unnamed new daytime TV show:

"We aim to be the new Richard and Judy. I'm Richard but maybe Vanessa is more J-Lo."