In pictures: The quirky Aberdeen village of Footdee

There is nowhere quite like Footdee - or Fittie as it is known by locals.

The old sheds and washouses of Footdee have been done up in mish mash of colours and cheery styles. PIC: Gordon Robertson/Flickr.

This unique village can be found huddled at the south of the main stretch of beach front at Aberdeen.

The mid 19th century former fishing community was designed by John Smith, the architect responsible for Balmoral Castle.

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A stroll through its little streets feels a bit like stepping back in time - but Fittie is home to a vibrant community who care deeply about the identity and heritage of their village

The cottages all face inwards in squares with their backs to the North Sea to protect them from incoming wind and rain.

The north and south squares came first with Middle Row and Pilot’s Square being added later.

The original houses were uniform in width, height and depth with similar doors and windows; the only features which distinguished one house from another may have been the colour of the painted door or its individual number, the sheds or wash houses.

The St. Clement Free Church School grew up with the village.

Now a conservation area, residents like to show off the unique qualities of their village, with sheds and washhouses a mish mash of colour and styles - with the odd curious display also to be found.