IN PICTURES: Langholm Common Riding

Hundreds of supporters from across the region flocked to the Muckle Toon on Friday for Langholm Common Riding’s main celebrations.

Crowds fill the Muckle Toon.
Crowds fill the Muckle Toon.

From the barley bannock, spade, crown and thistle emblems to the cavalcade, bands and supporters - our photographer Bill McBurnie was there to capture it can read more about it here:

Auld Lang Syne is sung in the square.
Sophie and Susan Herriot, Maise, Leeanne and Pamela Macdonald.
Deni, Cree and Abbie race up the wynd at Langholm.
Langholm Cornet Henry Jeffrey with his right and left-hand men Iain Little and Stuart Murray.
Hawick Cornet Connor Brunton, acting father Joe Crawford and 2018 cornet Gareth Renwick.
Chief Superintendent Linda Jones with Jethart's Len Wyse, keeping an eye on proceedings at Langholm.
Hawick Corner's Lass Victoria Cambell and acting mother Tracy Crawford.
Alice and Lindsay Nichol from Hawick with Katie Waugh enjoying the festival in the Muckle Toon.
Cornet Henry Jeffrey receives the flag from officiating magistrate Roger Maxwell.
David Pool takes his turn with the herring as they parade at Langholm.
The town band decorates their hats for the occasion.
Chris Wood carries the herring to the square.
Rowan and Taylor Kerr follow the cornet at Langholm.
The town band leads the procession.
Langholm Cornet Henrey Jeffrey.
Langholm Cornet Henry Jeffrey.
Rae Elliot cries the Langholm fair in the town square.
Rae Elliot cries the fair.
Nicole Beattie rides up the wynd.
Roger Maxwell, chiarman of the common riding carries the herring.
Langholm Town Band take part in the parade.
Langholm Pipe Band creates a path through the town centre crowds.
Langholm Pipe Band.
Allanna Barwick, Kaydee Smith, Nicola Smith, Ronan Barwick and Euan McMorran captured the spectacle of Langholm on their phones.
David Pool takes his turn with the herring as they parade at Langholm.
The thistle is carried through town.
Langholm Cornet Henry Jeffrey leads the cavalcade down the wynd.
Langholm Town Band.
The two Mundell MPs.
Rachael, Elaine, Annie, Isla, Ian and Steven Little.
Langholm Cornet Henry Jeffrey leads the cavalcade back through town.
Crying the fair.
Langholm Cornet Henry Jeffrey carries the flag across the water.
Selkirk Standard Bearer Craig Monks crosses the water on Friday.
Melrosian Ben Magowan crosses the water.
Crowds will the Muckle Toon.
Visiting principals from Melrose and Galashiels follow in the cavalcade.
Gavin Patterson with Hayley Locksmith, and Krystal and Fiona Anderson.
Lara Falconer, Gavin, Claire,Frances, Nessie, Hannah and Callum Jeffrey.
Officiating magistrate Roger Maxwell and his daugher Michaela, this yea'rs investing lady.
Sandra Mordrew and Megan Telford won the hound trail at Langholm.
Crowds at Langholm Common Riding.
Andrew Reid races up the wynd.
Sid Bowman, David Mundell, Stuart Thomson MBE, Chairman Annan and Madeleine Bowman.
Hawick Cornet's Lass Victoria Campbell crosses the water.