In pictures: 10 of the best views in Edinburgh

Built over seven hills it's hardly surprising that Scotland's capital is spoiled with enchanting views - here are ten of the city's finest vistas.

Arthur's Seat and Calton Hill from Inverleith Park
Arthur's Seat and Calton Hill from Inverleith Park

Edinburgh Castle from the Vennel

Unsurprisingly Edinburgh Castle features heavily on this list given its unique beauty and prominence over the city. Away from the noise of the Grassmarket is the relatively peaceful Vennel. The thoroughfare offers an ideal vantage point of the city fortress.

Arthur’s Seat from Blackford Hill

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    Blackford Hill to the south of the city delivers exquisite views of the Pentland Hills, Edinburgh Castle and even over to Fife. The best view however is of an Arthur’s Seat sitting proudly over the city.

    Princes Street from Calton Hill

    The view behind the Dugald Stewart Monument of Princes Street from Calton Hill is one of the city’s iconic views - and a familiar one to residents of the city. The views over to Arthur’s Seat and north to Leith are also worth savouring.

    Circus Place

    Cobbled Circus Place exquisitely curves through the heart of Edinburgh linking the city’s New Town and Stockbridge neighbourhoods. Lined with mews, decorated with climbing roses, the hidden street is best viewed from the Stockbridge side eastwards where it is possible to spy St Stephen’s Church.

    Victoria Street

    This wonderful quarter mile of cobblestones links the Grassmarket to George IV Bridge and the Royal Mile. Lined with colourful boutique shops and lively pubs, the swooping road is best viewed from Victoria Terrace.

    Salisbury Crags and the city centre from Arthur’s Seat

    Climbing Arthur’s Seat is a must for locals and tourists alike. The view over Salisbury Crags of the city are a worthy reward for those who make the stroll up to the city’s peak.

    Dean Village from Hawthornbank Lane

    Situated on the Water of Leith, Dean Village is a quite remarkable patchwork of architecture styles. The photogenic neighbourhood is best pictured from Hawthornbank Lane.

    Edinburgh Castle from the National Museum

    If you can drag yourself from the fascinating exhibits on show at the city’s National Museum, it’s worth heading upstairs to the city’s roof terrace - the view of Edinburgh Castle is particularly impressive.

    Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill from Inverleith

    Typically buzzing with dog walkers and joggers, this open and verdant space provides a spectacular view of the city. The iconic peaks of Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat align beautifully making for a mesmerising view.

    Fettes College from Comely Bank

    It’s easy to see why some liken Fettes College to JK Rowling’s fantastical creation Hogwarts. The view of the towering institution from South Learmonth Gardens is bewitching.