PICK OF THE WEEK Black MirrorChannel 4, Monday, 10pm

An attractive couple drive home in the rain singing along to the Bee Gees. They seem happy but once again she has to scold him for being glued to his smartphone – “It’s a thief,” says Martha (Hayley Atwell), and the night ends with unsatisfactory sex. The next day he goes on an errand and doesn’t come back – he’s dead. Martha is devastated until a friend has an unusual suggestion, perhaps the sort that could only come from the dark satirical mind of Charlie Brooker.

“It’s software, it mimics him,” says the pal. “You click the link and talk to it.” Martha has the chance to create a double of her boyfriend using his online history. “It goes back and reads through all the things they said on Facebook and in tweets,” continues the friend. What secrets lie therein? This is another strange fable of the near future, in three parts.

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