Outlander fan finds her own Jamie Fraser on Scottish holiday

A lonely Outlander fan has found her very own Jamie Fraser after coming to Scotland to indulge her love for the show.

Tanya Saracho, from California, met Colin Stubbs, from Edinburgh after travelling to Scotland to find her "own Outlander". PIC: Contributed/Sony Pictures Television.

Tanya Saracho, 42, became so obsessed with the time travelling fantasy that she decided to leave San Franciso and head to Scotland.

Now, the television executive is planning to wed Colin Stubbs, 42, from Edinburgh, after falling for the Scot on her trip.

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Ms Saracho believes she was “called” to Scotland after meeting the love of her life.

She told The Sun newspaper: “I was obsessed with everything about Outlander - the stories, the way it looked.

“I thought, you know what, I’m going to go to Scotland and I am going to find my own Outlander.

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“I had become obsessed, so I booked a Christmas and New Year’s trip without knowing anyone there. I didn’t even know where I was going to stay.”

She met Mr Stubbs on a group excursion, and romance has since blossomed.

Ms Saracho, a television writer for Starz, the company behind Outlander, extended her two-week holiday to a three-month stay with Mr Stubbs making regular trips to California since she returned home, the newspaper said,

The two now have plans to marry, with Tanya hoping her partner wears a kilt on their wedding day.

She added: “He stayed one time for nine months and six months of that was because I got a spinal infection and almost died. He quit his job to take care of me.

“His soul is amazing and he is so pure.

“I feel like I was called to Scotland. It was truly a gut feeling. The universe was being a puppeteer, like ‘you and you will end up meeting’.”

“It’s just crazy that way.”