Oil is a perfect repellent for winter's chills

AS the season inches towards another harsh winter, the wind and chill can take its toll, leaving many plagued by dry skin.

One solution could be body oils. Some fans swear oils work better than lotions thanks to their ability to hydrate and be absorbed into the skin.

Certainly, managing director of the Zest Beauty Salons, Louise Caithness, sees a notable increase in her clients' call for body oils during the winter months. And such was demand, that she created her own range of body oils a year ago.

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"We were already offering aromatherapy as a treatment but clients wanted something that they could use at home, she says. "Our clients loved the texture - it's indulgent - and you can warm it up to apply on the skin during the cold winter months.

"I decided to make seven oils for my own Just Be range because I had a very clear idea of what oils our clients wanted, and other ranges that were available locally couldn't meet our needs," she adds.

Of course, you could always experiment and make your own oils.

Local aromatherapy expert Gail Bryden advises anyone thinking of mixing up their own to do their research first, especially if they have underlying medical conditions such as nut allergies.

"Certain oils, such as sweet almond oil, would not be suitable," she says.

"Coconut oil is a good starting point as a base oil, as it's closest to the oil that the body naturally produces and absorbs quickly into the skin. Add an aromatherapy oil as a mood enhancer - Geranium is a good tonic for women. Apply the oil to the skin when it's still damp."

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For those feeling tired or run down, Gail recommends Zest's Just Be Revived - 100ml dropper bottle for 14.85

And ESPA's restorative body oil (28 for 100ml) improves circulation and restores emotional equilibrium at times of stess.

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Planning a winter detox? Neal's Yard Detox toning oil can help eliminate toxins and fatty tissue from the body, 13.70 for 100 ml.

Jo Malone's Nectarine & Blossom cologne (34). With the unpredictable winter weather giving us the blues, this addictive fragrance with notes of enticing fruits and delicate spring flowers is a sweet and playful cologne sure to boost even the lowest of moods.

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