My life in clothes: Debi Edward

Dress sense

What was your favourite childhood outfit?

I had a white all-in-one tracksuit from Dash. Unfortunately, at around the same time I had a thing for climbing trees and playing football. So, eventually the jumpsuit had been washed so much that it just disintegrated.

What were you wearing when you met your present partner?

A bridesmaid's dress – that's all I'm telling you.

What would you wear to get married?

As Christopher Kane has appeared on The Five Thirty Show, I'd love it if he were to step up to the job. However, I'm the fussiest person ever so it would certainly be some task.

Do you have Saturday night underwear?

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I don't have one specific favourite set. However, it's true what they say, if you've got it going on underneath, then it shines through on the surface.

Prada or Primark?

Definitely Primark, it's cheap, chic and you can't beat it.

What was your worst fashion faux-pas?

There have been several, including a checked trouser suit I wore to death when I was around ten years old. I've tried to destroy all the evidence but I'm sure my family still have some photos to use against me.

If you could afford any designer, who would you choose?

I love Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein. The new underwear range from Stella McCartney is amazing.

Debi Edward, a co-presenter of STV's The Five Thirty Show, is taking part in the Resolution Asset Management Women's 10K in Glasgow on Sunday 18 May. Visit