Under the Radar: Missy Mcanulty

Missy Mcanulty
Missy Mcanulty
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Although the DIY ethos tends to be less common among budding pop acts than those in other genres, Edinburgh’s Missy Mcanulty is bucking the trend. After a spell in London, where she cut her teeth with rock/hip-hop hybrid State Of Play, her return to Scotland has been marked by a change of musical direction and a slew of new songs.

These have been enhanced by Mansfield-based studio duo The Producers, with a recent three-day recording session spawning four tracks. Combining electronic beats with evident vocal skills, these are released as an EP on 29 June, with a full-band live show to follow at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh on 30 July. The title track Home (http://bit.ly/utrmissy) provides an exclusive preview of what to expect. It is accompanied by a video conceived by Mcanulty, further evidence that this is one pop act who means business.

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