Shirley and Marilyn get together for Manson duet

SCOTS singer Shirley Manson has teamed up with her goth rocker namesake Marilyn on a new track.

The Edinburgh-born Garbage frontwoman describes the song with her outrageous co-star as "cool" and claims their voices sound like Beauty and the Beast.

The unlikely pair met at a concert and hit it off immediately so decided to go into the recording studio together soon afterwards.

Now they have sung together on an unusual duet of the Human League’s classic hit Don’t You Want Me Baby?

But fans of Garbage and Marilyn Manson, who is often blamed for teenage violence including the Columbine massacre, may never hear the unique collaboration because there are no plans to release it.

However, Shirley admits she gets on fantastically with the controversial rock star and hopes their track will see the light of day some time in the future.

She said: "We met at a Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert and got on really well, so we recorded a track together

"It’s really cool but neither of us felt comfortable putting it on our records so I don’t know if it will ever come out.

Shirley added: "I hope it does. Our voices sound fantastic in a very Beauty and the Beast kind of way."

Garbage’s new single Why Do You Love Me? is out later this month and the album Bleed Like Me follows in April.